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A sample of mountain view property from the ridges of Rutherford County, NC.

We are proud to offer beautiful property with long-range mountain views. Our most common request is someone looking for a log cabin high up in the mountains all by itself on a couple acres. Sounds like a Walton's Mountain sort of picture. The issue is that if we could find such a piece, and it's sitting on a couple acres, what's around the property? More property owned by someone else, of which there is no control. After you pass by those trailer parks for a couple years, you won't see them any more? We offer a quiet, rural change of pace, with a little security mixed in.

Gorgeous mountain views for sale in western NC  

Lot 80 in Clearwater Creek has one of the best views we offer. The 1.51 acre parcel has a perfectly level building site, or choose to move your home 40 feet closer to the layered mountain view and build with a walk-out basement foundation. Located on a small paved road that ends with a cul-de-sac, the lot has a slight grade down toward the view, keeping vegetation below, and your home high and dry. Only one other parcel next door for a potential neighbor, the other parcels nearby offer distant home sites. This is the mountain view you've been waiting for. $99,900.

Mountain views, and near level, too!   Lot 20 This 6.48 acre parcel located in Pinnacle Ridge's Phase 2 is waiting for someone who want's to live in the mountains, (or should we say on the mountain), and the ammenities you need are not too far away. The county seat, offering grocery stores, health care, restaurants and other services are only a twenty minute drive from this property.
Furthermore, this parcel is subdividable, and offers two taps to the community well! Only $65,000! More...>
Panoramic mountain views from 1.72 acres of land for sale in western NC  

Lot 4 in Clearwater Creek offers a nice view of the Blue Ridge mountains from this 2.48 acre wooded parcel, located at the end of a cul-de-sac, just four miles from the county seat of Rutherfordton. Its close proximity to the quaint town (think grocery stores, health care, etc.) is a great feature... and it slopes gently (perfect for basement construction), so your new home will sit well above the paved road. Easy choice. $59,900 More...>

Panoramic mountain views from 1.72 acres of land for sale in western NC  

Lot 27 offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge mountains and part of a pasture belonging to a 400+ acre farm which rests alongside. Located in western North Carolina's desirable Hearthstone Ridge in Phase 1, this sloped land is perfect for a basement, although not a "must". Sitting well above the paved road, the gentle undulations on this 1.19 acre parcel could offer a canvas for dramatic landscaping, too! Originally $79,900, the motivated seller now asks only $57,900! More...>

Panoramic mountain views from 1.72 acres of land for sale in western NC  

Lot 199 is located in western North Carolina's desirable Hearthstone Ridge, in Phase 7. With a significant but gentle slope, it would be excellent for a basement foundation, which could serve to enhance the already great mountain views from this 1.40 acre parcel! One of the highest properties in the community, and considering the view, it's a contender for the best value - plus it is the only remaing parcel in Hearthstone Ridge with a large mountain view! Only $49,000! More...>

Mountain views for sale in western NC   Lot 61 offers a beautiful close-up view of the mountains! Located in western North Carolina's beautiful Sweetbriar Farms, this rather sloped parcel is perfect for a basement foundation, though not required. A level area has already been cut into the property, so it's ready to build your dream home! Surrounded by the flowering mountain laurel, hardwoods, and deer trails, your home will have a 'tucked-in' feeling, nearly hidden on this 2.38 acre parcel. Only $52,900! More...>
Mountain views for sale in western NC   Lot 98 faces Northwest, toward the best views. Although it's not the highest lot in Clearwater Creek, it does sit above many others, and is quite well priced for the amount of view offered! The young trees on the lot are so dense it won't offer a good photo, it's a great hiding place for deer - just not so easy to walk through. Still, it is an easy build, gently sloped, and you could feed the deer with your garden, if you like. Only $49,900! More...>
Mountain views for sale in western NC   Lot 76 looks like an ordinary wooded parcel as you drive by. It's laced with deer trails as is common in Clearwater Creek, but when you walk the land, you'll see even more charm...mountain views are waiting only for a home site to be cleared, no matter how large or small (or waiting for a photographer with a ladder.) Many unkempt parcels are difficult to walk, the underbrush is thick, the wild blackberries take over, but this is easy by comparison, with wild grasses dotting the paths the deer have made for you! Only $42,900! More...>
Mountain views for sale in western NC  

Off Market - 123 Woodview Dr is one of the best bang-for-the-buck parcels around. The photo of the mountains (left) does not come close to doing the actual view justice, but hopefully you can see the potential. Primarily a winter view, the trees that block the view are on this unrestricted parcel (not a neighbor's), so they could be trimmed or removed for a year 'round mountain view! The 5.28 acres offers a nearly level homesite, with room for horses, organic gardening, etc. Well & septic already installed! (We have excellent water in Rutherford County.) It's only $49,900. More...>

  When taking photos of property with mountain views, a sense of what the view is like happens only when you crop the photograph very tightly. A true panoramic view will all but disappear in a conventional photograph, and won't illustrate how good the view really is. Much of this is due to how our peripheral vision works in concert with our eyes focusing on one area. A photograph also converts a three dimensional object (of some distance) into a two dimensional object, which lacks depth.

The photo of Lot 80 (first listing above) has been tightly cropped to more closely resemble the experience of the view. The other photos were not cropped in order to show more of the property, or more of the view potential.

A word about mountain view land for sale. Basically there are three kinds of mountain views. The first is when you are on the very top of the mountain and see layers and layers, for miles and miles. It takes a bit of navigating (and time) to get to the top, but the views are worth it for many. Speaking of worth, you'll pay quite a pretty penny for this type of property. Frequently just the parcel of land will be in the hundreds of thousands, and don't forget the eggs when you are at the grocery store, 'cause it's at least a half hour drive, probably more.

The second kind of mountain view is when you are up, but not on top. Your mountain view property is where you stare at the face of the one or two mountains in front of you. This is by far the most common when buying in higher mountain towns like Boone, Black Mountain, Spruce Pine, Waynesville, or the like.

The third mountain view is the most practical, if not the most dramatic. Layers of mountains with panoramic vistas from the upper foothills. Easy access, usable land, fair pricing, great views, minutes to the mountains, minutes to town. If you gotta be on top of it all, you'll have to move on to another website. If you'd rather have more bang for your buck, have we got a deal for you!

When it's all said and done, your experience of what you see with your own eyes is what counts. Come and take a look at our real estate offerings and choose from several beautiful mountain view properties.


Some of the properties offered on this site are within private, gated communities.
To ensure the privacy and security of their residents and other property owners, all our cabins and land offerings are shown by appointment only.
Please call Dan Hoffman at 828-289-6885, or use the "contact us" page to arrange a visit or obtain additional information. Thanks!

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