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Climate is one of the things people look for when they want a change. You'll like this weather update!

When you are searching for a place to get away, or looking to relocate, the weather is probably going to play a roll in your decision making. At a minimum, people generally want to know what to expect. If you made it this far on our web site, we're pretty sure you're not looking for a Florida or Michigan type of climate. Here you will find early spring flowers, and a long growing season tempered with a lengthy autumn giving you time to adjust to a chilly (but not too cold) winter. We find the process delightful, and we're confidant you will, too.

  Summers are warm, with temps in the upper 80’s, with each morning usually starting out in the 60’s. Winters are cool, in the upper 40’s mostly. A little snow falls our way, usually twice during winter, and a couple inches each, as an average. Enough to look pretty, but not cause any problems (although our northern friends laugh, because we close the schools when there is even a dusting of snow on the ground). The winter of 2009-2010 was dramatic enough with five snowfalls for a total of 23 inches.
  Fall is absolutely beautiful here in the upper foothills and mountains. Being surrounded by thousands of hardwood trees, turning brilliant colors of orange, yellow and red is like living in a postcard. And springtime is gorgeous. Here it lasts three months (our southern friends usually get about two weeks of truly beautiful spring weather). Our average humidity for winter is 50%, and it climbs to about 75% during the summer months. Here is the data:
  • average rain fall....................50.34"
  • average snow fall...................2.74"
  • average temp...........................59°
  • average summer humidity........75%
  • average winter humidity...........50%
  • average high - august...............85°
  • average low - august................68°
  • average high january................47°
  • average low january.................32°

What makes our climate so desirable? Being surrounded by the mountains creates a kind of cushion called the Isothermal Belt. Temperatures stay mild. You may be just considering a vacation home in this area, but if you are thinking permanent relocation or retirement, you are in for a pleasant change of weather!


In case you were wondering, the colorful map (above) is a "plant hardiness" map, showing the average annual minimum temperature. When you are gardening here, choose plants that can tolerate cold from 5° to 10° (F).

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