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We are surrounded by mountains, but what about water?

Famous for the role it played in Dirty Dancing, Lake Lure is a paradise for fishing and water activities. If you have a love of water, you may enjoy the calm of the lake, the faster paced water of the Rocky Broad River, or a slower, wide tributary found in the Broad River as it moves southeast to the ocean. Listed below, without photos, is a list of the named creeks in Rutherford County, which in turn, empty into the rivers. We have plenty of water around here, so get out your fishing pole, or your inner tubes, or at least your sunscreen.


Rocky Broad River
Listen to the water as it cascades over boulders left ages ago when the Hickory Nut Gorge was formed. This is a great place to fly fish or just sit on a big rock in the middle of the river, and take in the majesty of it all. Autumn provides additional beauty, as the colorful leaves twist gently in the wind and fall into the rushing waters. Easily accessed in Chimney Rock Village.


Lake Lure
Formed in 1924 by Dr. Morse, the Rocky Broad River fills the lake, and exits as the Broad River. The lake has a reported depth of up to 120' and is a favorite for fishing, swimming, and water sports. Of course, many people just like to enjoy the view while having dinner. Boat tours are available, so are guided fishing excursions, boat and equipment rentals, and dinner cruises.


Broad River
As it exits the lake, the Broad River is slower, meandering across Rutherford County from northwest to southeast, and into South Carolina. It offers miles of gentle white water, class I and II rapids, in the southern part of Rutherford County. Great for a tubing excursion that will have the family splashing and laughing until the next beach stop to catch some rays or have a picnic.


Second Broad River
Although smaller than its cousin, the Second Broad River cleanly dissects Rutherford County diagonally, from its north central origins of Stoney Creek merging with Box Creek, to the southern terminus just prior to its union with the Broad River in our neighboring Cleveland County to the east.


Lake James
Created between 1916 and 1923 with the construction of dams across the Catawba River, Paddy Creek and Linville River, this beautiful lake is just a half hour drive north from our properties near Rutherfordton. With public access marinas, swimming, fishing, water sports, hiking, picnic areas, camping, and views like this, what more could you want from a lake?

Named Creeks
The following is a list of creeks in Rutherford County that are large enough to have a name assigned to them. We basically just wanted you to have an idea of how much water runs through our beautiful area.
  • Bills Creek
  • Box Creek
  • Camp Creek
  • Cane Creek
  • Catheys Creek
  • Cedar Creek
  • Chalk Creek
  • Cleghorn Creek
  • Cove Creek
  • Duncan Creek
  • Fall Creek
  • Frog Creek
  • Grayson Creek
  • Hollands Creek
  • Knob Creek
  • Maple Creek
  • Mountain Creek
  • Piney Creek
  • Puzzle Creek
  • Roberson Creek
  • Stoney Creek
  • Taylors Creek
  • Webbs Creek
  • Youngs Creek

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