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Convenient to excellent healthcare, and the peace, quiet, and beauty you deserve during your sunset years.

We love the ease of life in these upper foothills of western North Carolina. It's comfortable, great health care is convenient, and it’s fun to explore not only historical Rutherford County, but all the quaint small towns sprinkled throughout western North Carolina. Take a drive along the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway, or a dinner cruise on beautiful Lake Lure. Walk into the old hardware stores and find those long forgotten items they no longer even make. They still have the old wooden floor boards that squeak as you walk on them.


Stroll down to the library and pick up a new book. Strike up a conversation at the local coffee shop. We don’t mind a couple of new faces to talk with, and you won’t find a friendlier town, or more honest and helpful people than right here in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Think of all the possibilities as a second childhood, or consider the relaxed and slower pace as a long deserved rest. Either way, you’ll be impressed with the quality of life in these mountainous hills of western North Carolina!


Retirement itself is not much different from anyone's day to day life. People want reasonable cost of living, quality of life, clean water, access to whatever you need, places to go explore, easy travel....and many people also want a place to relax, to step back and reflect, to enjoy the wonders of nature, of grandchildren, even of simple conversation.



  Truth is, you might find that where you live now. But if you are stretching out and looking for a new place or fulfilling a dream, maybe searching for a place to feel safer, more secure, a place without the headaches and stresses of city life, consider Rutherford County, NC. Our small, quaint towns are a slice of heaven, and our location makes it easy to travel, whether your family is coming here, or you are going out to see them. We have so many things to see, to do, and to explore right here, that your grandchildren will get excited when it's time for a visit.

Many people of retirement age also consider what they may be leaving behind for their families. A slice of western North Carolina would be great for you now, and great for them later. Think of the memories you'll be able to create here, whether it's sharing a mountain sunset, splashing in the lake, or a gentle hike through the deep forests.


The upper foothills of western North Carolina are exceptionally comfortable, and just about everything is convenient for us on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge mountains. Comprehensive health care is moments away, all the necessities can be found right here. There are so many great things around, it is just plain fun to explore the area.

  From Rutherford County, anything you might want to do is an hour and a half or less in driving distance. We’re talking white water sports, water or snow skiing, touring the Biltmore, shopping in Asheville, walking along the ridge of Roan Mountain, standing at the highest point east of the Mississippi on Mount Mitchell, driving along the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway, or taking a dinner cruise on beautiful Lake Lure.
  Sounds great, doesn’t it? We have it good, and want to share it with you. Friendly, salt-of-the-earth people live here. They’re cheerful and will go a country mile to help a neighbor. Walk into the old hardware store, or stroll down to the library and pick up an book to read on your front porch. We have good restaurants, great people, gentle land, nice weather and good times.
  What will you miss, realistically, if you leave the city? We don’t have opera, a large multiplex cinema, a convention center, a hundred acre shopping mall. We also don’t have roads turning into "parking lots" with traffic. We don’t have gangs, graffiti, and sirens wailing everyday. We don’t have city lights dimming your view of the stars, and we don’t have a video arcade.
  Our low cost of living, beautiful landscapes, and tons of recreation make Rutherford County, North Carolina a great choice. Shake off the city hassles and come enjoy small town living. It is as quiet, quaint and as peaceful as you’ve always heard it was.

Some of the properties offered on this site are within private, gated communities.
To ensure the privacy and security of their residents and other property owners, all our cabins and land offerings are shown by appointment only.
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