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What are the schools in Rutherford County like?

Even though we are in a rural location in western North Carolina, students can take classes in German, Latin, Spanish or French, learn woodworking or dress making, and pursue the performing arts. Rutherford County public schools include four high schools, four middle schools and eleven elementary schools, each with basic core studies and a host of elective options. Well known for its high academic standards, a small enrollment, low teacher/student ratio charter school is located in the southern part of the county and open to the public.


RS Central High was constructed about fifteen years ago, and the previous site of the high school became RS Middle School, and a designated historic building. Rutherfordton Elementary just opened a brand new school for the 2009-2010 class, and many excited families were part of its first graduation. All three of these schools received high marks* from a national school ranking company, and are in close proximity to the property we offer.


The following is paraphrased from the Rutherford School System website:

  Teachers and administrators prove again and again that they are willing to go the extra mile in making the local public schools better than ever. The Rutherford County School System makes a strong effort to prepare approximately 9,500 students for life after high school, regardless of whether they are college-bound or headed directly for the work world.
  Advanced Placement courses are offered in the schools as well as computer education, where all schools are equipped with computer labs. Rutherford County School System was among the first school system in the state to implement a promotion standards/student accountability policy. This policy is an effort to unite the parent, student, and school to develop each student's academic potential to the fullest. Rutherford County's Parents as Teachers program began in 1988, and was the first program in the state.
  Rutherford County School System is in the midst of a multi-million dollar building/renovation program. By July 2001, more than $80 million had been spent in Rutherford County on building and renovating school facilities since the early 1990's. The building program has allowed the school system to remove children from outdated facilities, create better learning environments, and move toward a true K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade organization.
  At the elementary grade level, teachers are putting forth more effort into making learning a hands-on experience for children and encouraging interaction in the classroom in addition to more traditional learning methods. This helps make students active rather than passive learners. All 6-8 students are in middle schools, which provide for team teaching, specialized guidance, and more variety in exploratory and extra-curricular activities.
  All three high schools are now on the "4 x 4" block schedule. With this, classes last longer than in the past, but there are fewer classes during the day, and each course is completed in one semester. The new block schedule promotes more experience-based learning.
  Rutherford County Schools care about all students, from preschool through high school, including the academically gifted as well as the academically challenged, and those with special needs. Creativity and innovation are promoted and embraced throughout the district. The school system is continually seeking ways to better serve all students.
  For more detailed information, schedules, locations, contact information, etc. the Rutherford County School Board has a website at:

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