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Reasonable taxes, beautiful land, four seasons. Just what you're looking for!

Rutherford County has some of the lowest tax rates in western North Carolina. For many of the properties offered herein, the only tax due each year is county property tax. That is it. No city tax, no school tax, no impact fees. You're probably thinking "That's more like it", and we couldn't agree more. We enjoy a low cost of living, good schools, good roads, beautiful land with mountain views, rivers, creeks and streams, great healthcare, great four season climate, friendly, helpful people.... Buying property here in Rutherford County, NC is a no-brainer!


Property tax is based on assessed value using a fixed rate, plus adding a few more cents for the different fire departments districts. When the property is improved (i.e. when someone builds a house), the taxes go up because the assessed value rises. The base rate stays the same. The rate for Rutherford County is .62/100 (62¢ for every $100 of value), plus .07/100 for the fire department. In other words, if the tax assessor says your property has a value of $100k (regardless if it's just land or has a house on it) then your county taxes would be $690 per year.


Since we have been asked questions about Homestead Exemption many times, we’ll address them here. The only Homestead Exclusion currently offered by Rutherford County is for persons age 65 or older, a permanent resident of North Carolina, and having an income that does not exceed $26,500. Also, yes, there are state income taxes if you live here full time, which are tied to your income level. The sales tax in Rutherford County is 6.75% on nonfood items, and 2% on food.


While we are on the topic of expenses, you'll find we also have low insurance rates. There are no natural disasters to insure against, like hurricanes, earthquakes, or flooding, so our rates stay quite reasonable.


We find the tax rates to be fair, and lower than many areas that we’ve heard about, especially from our buyers from both Florida and the northeast. Our general cost of living is less than many others pay, so come take a look at this beautiful area. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Some of the properties offered on this site are within private, gated communities.
To ensure the privacy and security of their residents and other property owners, all our cabins and land offerings are shown by appointment only.
Please call Dan Hoffman at 828-289-6885, or use the "contact us" page to arrange a visit or obtain additional information. Thanks!

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