in Rutherford County, NC

Weather / Climate

Lake Lure, NC

Summers are warm, with temps in the upper 80’s, occasionally reaching the low 90's - each morning usually starting out in the mid to upper 60’s. Winters are cool, in the upper 40’s mostly, sometimes reaching the low 50's. A little snow falls our way, usually a couple times each winter, averaging a couple inches each time. The winter of 2009-2010 brought an unusual five snowfalls for a total of 23 inches!

Autumn is absolutely beautiful here in the upper foothills and mountains. We're surrounded by hardwood trees turning brilliant colors of yellows, oranges and reds - it's like living in a postcard! Springtime is gorgeous with so many different shades of green and flowering trees everywhere. Spring in Rutherford County lasts nearly three months, as does fall, making it a virtually perfect four-season climate. The following dataset is from usclimatedata.com:

average rainfall  49.56"
average snowfall  4"
Temperature high low
average January 49° 29°
average July 88° 67°
average summer  75%
average winter  50%

What makes our climate so desirable? Being surrounded by the mountains creates a kind of 'cushion' called the Isothermal Belt. Temperatures stay mild, so we have warm summers, but not too hot, and chilly winters, but not too cold. You might be considering a vacation property in this area, but if you are thinking permanent relocation or retirement, you are in for a pleasant change of weather!